Terms & Conditions for Hosts

(Please read our services page for administrative details regarding our campaigns)

By signing up to participate in a JustRead Campaign, you are agreeing to the following:

  • Your website/platform is family-friendly and does not contain explicit images or content.
  • Signing up as a member of the JustRead Host Team grants access to our team exclusive monthly giveaways and team-specific special tours with giveaways (not opened to the public).
  • Members of the Host Team still need to sign up for individual campaigns to be considered for the campaign.
  • Signing up for a JustRead campaign does not guarantee selection for that campaign.
  • After the close of a campaign’s sign-up period, all hosts will be notified via email whether they have been selected or not.
  • You are not employed by, nor an agent of, JustRead Publicity Tours, LLC. Campaign participation is strictly voluntary. (We ask that you fulfill your commitments to the best of your abilities and engage in honest open communication with the JustRead partners. You may be removed at any time from JustRead campaigns in accordance with the guidelines below.)
  • You are responsible for noting the date that we have assigned to your post. We confirm dates when we send out the campaign schedule in each welcome email. Please double check your date and make sure you have it on your calendar. We will not send out personal reminders. If you need to reschedule your spot due to unforeseen circumstances, please let us know as soon as possible before your scheduled date and time.
  • For review stops, you will post an honest review (whether positive or negative) by 12 PM EST on your scheduled date. (If you signed up for another type of post, the same scheduling terms apply.) A negative review will not affect your standing with JustRead. However, we do expect you to read at least 80% of the book, and to be fair and kind in your review.
  • Your post will include the required information provided in the campaign assets email to be sent 1 week before the start of the campaign. (Giveaway info, book info, etc.)
  • Your post must remain public for a minimum of 60 days.
  • Your review should be at least 100 words in length.
  • You will not use foul language in your JustRead campaign post.
  • For review stops, you will post your review to at least one consumer website of your choice in addition to your blog. Options include Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ChristianBook.com, etc. Amazon and Goodreads are preferred but not required.
  • You will fill out the campaign submission form completely (if applicable), with direct links, by the end of the campaign.
  • You will not sell, share, trade, publish, or otherwise infringe on the copyright of any book, digital or print, given to you for review. (Not just for JustRead campaigns. We feel very strongly about book pirates… not the hunky kind on the seven seas. We have strong feelings about them too, though 😊 )

The following actions will result in not being accepted to future JustRead campaigns and/or may result in removal from already-scheduled campaigns.

  • Failure to meet the above host agreements THREE TIMES. The exception to this is the agreement against pirating the book in any way. If we ever learn that a host has abused our trust and/or that of any publisher, author, or other tour groups by illegally using a review copy, they will be immediately removed from our campaigns and reported to the proper authorities.
  • Rude, hurtful, inflammatory, and/or unkind behavior toward other bloggers/tour groups, publishers, authors, and/or the JustRead partners. This will simply not be tolerated.
  • Plagiarism of someone else’s review or graphics without permission and credit.

Other Important Things to Remember:

  • Any questions regarding the campaign or the book should be made to JustRead, not the publisher or author. (Violators will be suspended from JustRead tours and may be banned from future tours of the publisher/author.)
  • If you have concerns about a book’s content, please contact us immediately.
  • Per the FTC regulations, please note in a disclaimer that you received books (egalley, ARC, or print copies) for free by publishers, authors, and/or publicity groups. A disclaimer must be noted, otherwise, you are subject to a fine up to $250 for each infraction. For more info, check out: Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


We are excited about the books we’re promoting, and we so appreciate your participation!

(last updated October 2020)